Caring for Future Generations

Including a gift in your will

Without the support of our generous donors St Vincent’s Hospital would not be able to provide the highest quality patient health care, medical equipment, research, teaching, training and palliative care facilities.
Your support helps us to continue providing the best care and treatment for our patients for generations to come.

Your Will is a lasting gift to your love ones and to the next generations. It is a powerful way to make a difference and help others after your lifetime. However large or small, your gift will help those who come after you.

There are three common types of gifts our supporters choose to make:

  • A residual gift: After taking care of your family and loved ones, you can leave all or a percentage of the reminder (residue) of your estate to St Vincent’s Hospital.
  • A percentage of your estate: You can leave a nominated portion or fixed percentage of your estate to St Vincent’s Hospital.
  • A special gift: You can leave a sum of money or a specified item to St Vincent’s Hospital, such as, jewellery, property, art work, antiques or shares.

Your thoughtful decision to include a gift in your Will to St Vincent’s Hospital can help thousands of Victoria’s lives. Your gift will help us to continue to provide outstanding healthcare for future generations.

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your Will or St Vincent’s Hospital please contact Sue Worland on (03) 9231 3363
or email her to discuss the possibilities and options.