How we use donations

Each year donations large and small help us to go above and beyond for our patients. We offer the best in care, treatment and medical technology.

We are world leaders in medical research and the training of our future of health professionals. All this would not be possible without your generosity and support. The benefits your donations bring to St Vincent’s are reflected in our patients' positive experiences, in the caring environment created by our staff, and in the innovative research and training underway in our labs and training centres.

Our state-of-the art Cancer Centre is a great example of how donations from individuals, community groups, trusts and businesses have translated directly into the best possible care and facilities for our patients. A quick glance our Appeals page provides some insight into the many different benefits and improvements that have been made possible thanks to your support. Many of our donors nominate where they would like their donation to be spent – be it a particular department, new equipment, research or a training program. Other donors give untied donations and are happy for us to select an area of need. If you would like to donate to St Vincent's, the choice of where you would like your gift to go is entirely up to you.

St Vincent’s Foundation manages and distributes all donations and ensures all funds are allocated to the areas donors nominate. The Foundation runs a low-cost office operation to ensure that we consistently maximise the impact of your donation. The following list highlights the main ways we use donations to help us continue to offer the very best in treatment and care for every one of our patients.

Advanced medical equipment and new technology

We have so many examples of the way donations large and small have helped us help our patients access the latest technology and most advanced medical equipment. From ultrasonic endoscopes to the latest in brain scanning technology, your support translates directly into greater treatment options and the promise of better health outcomes for patients across the hospital.

Departments and care facilities

Many patients donate to a particular area of the hospital in recognition of the care they or a friend or family member received. For example, many donors specify the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit or Cancer Centre. Others donate to aged, residential and palliative care facilities such as St Georges, Prague House or the Cottage, where they or a loved one may have received treatment and support.

Research and development

In addition to diagnosing, treating and caring for patients across the health spectrum, St Vincent’s is also leading clinical research hospital. From performing Australia’s first hand transplant to developing the world’s first warning device for epileptic seizures, St Vincent’s is at the forefront of medical research and innovation.

Education and training

Together with the University of Melbourne, the St Vincent's Clinical School has been training the best and brightest medical graduates for over 100 years. Our students' results in postgraduate medical and surgical exams are second to none. One hundred cent of our physician trainees were sucessful in last year's College of Physicans clinical exams.

If you would like to donate to the hospital there are many ways in which to do so, and the choice of area to support is entirely yours. You can find out more about the many options on our Donate page.

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