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 "World first" trial set to revolutionise treatment of neurological diseases

St Vincent’s neurologists will seek to extend a world-first clinical trial in which they have delivered epilepsy drugs direct to the brain of a patient, to apply the procedure to conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and stroke.

The trial, conducted late last year on a epilepsy patient, Natalie from Numerkah in regional Victoria, who had been experiencing up to 8 seizures a day and had become a prisoner in her own home, has reduced drug side effects but better still, she is now seizure free.


Natalie Neuro Research



The research being conducted by St Vincent’s Director of Neurology, Professor Mark Cook, involved implanting a pump that sends medication directly from the patient’s stomach via a tiny tube, directly to the brain.

“Epilepsy is an awful condition,” Professor Cook said.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to fix that. There’s nothing more dramatic you ever get to do in clinical medicine; it’s just spectacular. But it’s important to realise these breakthroughs come through research.”

The research is set to benefit from St Vincent’s latest appeal, launched at Opera in the Market.

You can help St Vincent’s extend this trial and help more patients like Natalie by donating online or texting ‘NEURO’ to 0400 807 807 and follow the link to complete your donation on your mobile.

Thank you to Killafish Productions for their work on the video of Natalie's story.

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