Please support our staff and help them to provide compassionate care for our most vulnerable patients.

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne has been treating people in our community for over 125 years. Our years of compassionate care have taught us many things:

To never turn our back on a person in need.

To reach out with practical assistance when we can see help is necessary.

To love and protect each patient as if they are a member of our own family.

To never judge someone because of their financial, mental or physical health. 

To truly walk in the shoes of those who society may have forgotten or ignored. 

To provide warmth and comfort, especially during a cold Melbourne winter. 

Right now, our patients across Melbourne and Victoria require us to support them more than ever before. 

They are chronically and seriously ill and suffering from isolation and loneliness. There has been a large spike in mental health problems. Many people are in grave financial need or without a home. 

Our staff are seeing first-hand the impact of the Coronavirus Lockdown on our vulnerable patients, and are determined to do everything they can to support them in any way possible to reduce their suffering and their pain. 

Our hearts go out to those who are facing hardship. We have never needed each other more.

More than that, motivated by our core value of compassion, we’re reaching out in the most practical ways possible: 

  • We’ve expanded our Hospital in the Home Program so nursing and medical staff can visit the homes of those most in need: the sickest, frail and the elderly – unable to travel to hospital, but who require our medical care.
  • We’re expanding our Mental Health Emergency Service, training staff to recognise and triage mental health conditions so we can quickly get support services to people in the community struggling with mental ill health.
  • We’ve rapidly expanded our Health Independence Program: treating complex care and elderly patients in their own place – supporting them long-term to manage the chronic conditions and the challenges of ageing – pain management, incontinence, rehabilitation, mental wellbeing.
  • St Vincent’s Hospital has always provided medical support to people who are homeless. The call on our services to the homeless has increased significantly. We have added mobile clinics and clinical staff to these support services. 
  • We have increased access to our domestic violence support services for women at-risk.
  • St Vincent’s has rapidly expanded our capacity for telehealth and provide specialist appointments and support for patients too ill to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As we move into what will be a long cold winter, our staff and our patients urgently require your help with the following items: 

  • 10 cars to travel out to more patients in need - $25,000 each.
  • Up to 50 new laptops to support our expanded medical outreach teams - $1,200 each.
  • Home medical kits, so that people can take their own blood pressure and temperature and phone this into their nurse or doctor - $300 each.
  • 50 Infra-red temperature checking machines - $150 each.
  • Winter care packs for our disadvantaged patients – to include new track suits, trainers, pyjamas, socks and  underwear - $100 each.
  • New winter blankets and bedding - $120 each.
  • Personal care packs including essential toiletries - $45 each.

Your donation will help us to do what’s most important – to care for and protect each patient as though they belong to our own family.

We thank you for your support of our Emergency Appeal, which has raised much-needed funds to equip our hospital for the Coronavirus pandemic. And also for the expected increase in emergency, essential surgeries and treatments once the crisis is over.

St Vincent’s doctors and nurses are going above-and-beyond to help our most susceptible patients and we applaud them for their brilliance and their care. We urge you, if you are able, to also support our patients in need during this time of isolation and anxiety.

Join us and become part of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne's Campaign Compassion

Please give today.

Letter from Dr Jonathon Welch AM

Letter from Dr Jonathon Welch AM


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