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Palliative Care at St Vincent’s

When you hear the term palliative care, do you automatically assume it means someone’s life is coming to an end very soon? You wouldn’t be the first person to feel challenged thinking about what receiving palliative care means.

Palliative care is a fascinating, multifaceted and constantly changing area of medicine.

As well as caring for terminally ill people, it is also available to provide support for people and their families who have a long, complex, serious illness. The aim is to improve patient’s quality of life and to support their family members and carers. This includes attending to the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs that are unique to each person and family.


St Vincent’s Hospital patient, Don Priestly, with his wife Carmel above, shares his experience of receiving palliative care.

Dr Julie McDonald, Respiratory and Palliative Physician, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, shares her insights and experiences of being a palliative care practitioner.


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