Ivan's Story

I was inspired to become a nurse because I love it when you help people. It’s such a wonderful and noble job to be able to see people recover and be with their families. It brings me fulfilment - seeing their journey. Working in ICU – means I become a part of their lives for a brief movement. It’s big for me when they say thank you for the care I’ve been able to give them.

I choose to specialise in ICU due to my previous experience working in the Emergency Department. I was always curious what would happen to the patients who ended up in ICU. I love that I can focus on one patient and get them stable. And to learn more skills and increase my knowledge in this intriguing field.

“The scholarship fund would be both a blessing and an opportunity. A blessing because it would mean people believe and trust in the work that I do and how I contribute to the healthcare system. It’s an
opportunity to give back to my patients tenfold in a constantly and rapidly changing environment.”

- Ivan Ocampo Registered Nurse, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

The scholarships program will encourage more nurses at St Vincent's to further their study. They will really appreciate this opportunity and be so grateful to update their skills. It will allow nurses to be agile, to tackle new diseases and may open doors to undertake research. 

This scholarships will also help to attract young and compassionate individuals who wish to enter the profession. They will realise how unique, noble, humbling and rewarding this job is. I also think it will help solidify a foundation of resources and staffing people won’t stop getting sick and we should always be ready to respond!

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