“St Vincent’s nurses are renowned for providing exceptional and compassionate care. They are committed, resilient and determined to support our community through this extremely challenging period. The pride I feel for our nurses is beyond words, they truly are extraordinary people” 

- Kathryn Riddell, Chief Nursing Officer, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

At St Vincent’s, we see firsthand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both our patients and on our heroic staff. The past 18 months have been particularly challenging for our hardworking and courageous nursing staff.

We have put together a collection of quotes, videos and photos from, and about, our incredible nursing staff. Please feel free to contribute your thanks and praise by completing the submission form at the bottom of the page. 

A special message from St Vincent’s Ambassador, Jonathon Welch AM.

Bernadette Smith (pictured) joined St Vincent’s in 1984 as a wide-eyed trainee nurse. She spent 25 years working in the Emergency Department as well as in the Intensive Care Unit. She is now part of the ALERT team, which cares for vulnerable people in the community. She is a passionate and valued member of the St Vincent Hospital family.

My story began 12 months ago, after surgery with Prof Peter Chong I spent a week in St Vincent’s. I have never in my life been looked after so wonderfully. The cleaners, the tea ladies, the nurses, doctors, every single person, treated me with respect and care. I cannot say enough about the wonderful staff. Thank you all.

- Heather

“Working through COVID has been incredibly challenging for all of us. I have been so grateful that I have a job that allows me to leave the house and have face to face interaction with my colleagues and clients. I feel lucky that I have been able to be a constant support for my clients through this time.”

- Paisley Suggett (pictured), Primary Health Nurse, HIP Psycho-social Stream

"I have always been treated beautifully in my stays. Such a wonderful hospital. Couldn't be any better."

- Grateful Patient

“Despite how exhausting, risky and challenging working in the pandemic has been, it is rewarding to know that our efforts have made a difference to the lives of those we care for.”

- Jenny Nguyen, Grade 2 Registered Nurse, 10 West

"The staff provided the most wonderful care for me far beyond what I expected. If you’re a patient at St Vincent's you are in very capable and caring hands.”

- Ron Bailey

“There is no doubt that the past couple of years have been terribly challenging both physically and mentally, but the spirit and comraderie amongst the staff at St Vincent’s has certainly made it easier to front up and give your all daily.”

- Matthew Culvenor, Registered Nurse (Grade 2), 10 West

“Thank you to all the nurses and doctors for the care and kindness shown to our daughter. Her mother and I have never forgotten the care and kindness.”

- Past Patient

“I work in the CBD with the homeless and most vulnerable in our community. Working through the pandemic has only reinforced my commitment to making sure these people are seen, heard, cared for and valued.”

- Bernadette Smith, Registered Nurse (Grade 4B), HIP Psychosocial Stream

"Keep up the miracles you are achieving.  Best wishes.”

- The Chander family

“It has been an incredibly challenging, stressful and tiring experience however I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else during a pandemic. I’m grateful for my colleagues, as we’ve provided each other with support, team work and smiles.”

- Meaghan Wilson, Grade 2 Registered Nurse, 10 West

“St Vincent's Hospital has given me a renewed lease on life.  I cannot speak highly enough of the genuine care given during my stay.  All staff are wonderful. It was all an amazing experience for me.”

- A former St Vincent’s patient

“Covid has been challenging but also very rewarding at times. I’ve needed to be very adaptable to the changing situation and balance competing roles to meet the needs of the organisation and our patients.”

- Nicole Watt, Aboriginal Health Care Coordinator HIP Psychosocial Stream

Inside a Covid I.C.U., Through a Nurse's Eyes

Watch this confronting YouTube video to get a deeper insight into what nurses experience in a COVID ICU Ward. It was made by The New York Times earlier this year. Please click the link below to watch it:


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