St Vincent’s Hospital, a much-loved Melbourne institution, which has operated for over 125 years, is gearing for an unprecedented influx of patients through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Australian community is renowned for rallying in times of crisis. We know the untold difference it makes when, together, we give gifts both large and small.

As a major city hospital, it is vital that our organisation prepares and does everything possible to contain the outbreak and care for patients.

We care for some of the most vulnerable people in the community, people who are elderly, suffering disadvantaged and patients with serious chronic conditions. These people need your support.

Our staff, renowned for their compassion and superb medical expertise, require the correct equipment.

We need your assistance and support more than ever to place orders to meet the expected demand placed on the hospital. Please donate today.

We immediately require:

  • 45 new beds at $3,500 each
  • Specialist intensive care beds - $35,000 each
  • Video Laryngcoscope - $17,000 each
  • Patient Monitoring Systems - $2,800 each
  • Ultrasound Probes - $44,000 each
  • Vital Signs Monitors - $3,200 each
  • Ultra Sound Machine - $90,000 each
  • Additional specialist infection control nurses
  • Our Fever Clinic has been set up to test and treat up to 600 patients per day and any funding to support this work would be appreciated.
  • We are providing urgently needed material aid to some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

Anything you can do at this time to assist and support our frontline staff will have a significant impact on the care we provide.

Please donate today and support St Vincent’s Hospital to help our staff meet the expected increase in demand and ensure they have the equipment they need to save more lives.

Equipment like medical ventilators that delivers breaths to patients who are physically unable to breathe or breathing insufficiently. This life-saving equipment mechanically breathes for the patient giving their lungs and immune system time to recover.

Continuous life-support monitoring is an essential tool in assessing the vital signs of critically ill patients. It allows the detection of potentially life-threatening changes in heart rate, rhythm and is essential in the detection of an irregular heartbeat.

Additional beds are urgently required to ensure we can increase our capacity to treat as many patients as possible during this difficult time.

With your support, we can purchase these critical medical equipment items, which will ensure our staff can treat patients - when they need it most.

Please help by giving a life-saving gift and support patients needing urgent medical treatment.

In doing so you will be helping our medical team to accurately, diagnose patients quickly, effectively and ultimately save more lives. Thank you.

Coronavirus Fact Sheet

Coronavirus Fact Sheet