At St Vincent’s, we see firsthand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both our patients and on our heroic staff. The past 18 months have been particularly challenging for our hardworking and courageous nursing staff.

Every day as they face extraordinary challenges on the front line, they continue to astound us with their ability to remain calm in a crisis, while providing selfless care to those in need.

The uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation can make us all feel helpless. There is something very important we can all do to help

“St Vincent’s nurses are renowned for providing exceptional and compassionate care. They are committed, resilient and determined to support our community through this extremely challenging period. The pride I feel for our nurses is beyond words, they truly are extraordinary people” 

- Kathryn Riddell, Chief Nursing Officer, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Please support those who care for us

St Vincent’s urgently requires the following equipment:

  • 200 iPads to enable gravely ill patients to communicate with their families at $500 each
  • 400 Hand held saturation monitors to measure patient’s blood oxygen levels. These can be used in the patients home, alerting nurses if a patient’s condition deteriorates at $600 each
  • Automated defibrillators to automatically analyse a patient’s heart rhythm to determine if a shock is required in a resuscitation setting at $2,000 each
  • Vital signs monitors to measure a patient's vital signs at $3,500 each
  • Video laryngoscope to assist doctors to insert a breathing tube before mechanical ventilation at $17,000 each
  • Patient monitors to continuously monitor a patient’s physiologic parameters at $20,000 each
  • Intensive care beds are specialised beds to assist in the treatment of complex patients at $40,000 each
  • Providing support for staff who are all working exceptionally long hours, with pre-packaged meals, snacks and drinks.


Please donate today and support St Vincent’s Hospital. Your gift will help to ensure our staff have the necessary equipment to meet the expected increase in demand to save more lives.

One day you may need St Vincent’s nurses – right now they need you

Your gift will go directly to purchasing this vital equipment. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your generosity will mean so much to nurses, doctors, patients and their families.

St Vincent's Nurses in action.


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