Start fundraising online

Creating your own fundraising page is a simple way to make a big difference and raise funds for St Vincent’s. You can use your page to tell your supporters why and how you want to fundraise for St Vincent’s in your own words, and keep them up-to-date with your progress.

Happy lady wearing red beads

By setting up your own page you can regularly:

  • share your fundraising ideas and activities with friends on your web page, facebook and twitter
  • include images, links and encouraging comments from your supporters
  • track the progress of your fundraising online
  • automatically send tax receipts for donations from your supporters

You can create your own fundraising page on St Vincent’s Community Fundraising Portal, which is set up on the Everyday Hero charity website. Why not create your own page now? If you'd like more information or help with setting up your page, contact our Heather Rendell on 03 9231 3118 or email

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