Take a personal challenge

We have many amazing supporters who achieve extraordinary things while fundraising for St Vincent’s. Would you like to become one of them? You can start by asking friends, family and workmates to support your commitment and raise funds along the way. There’ll be double the satisfaction when you reach your goal.

Your personal goal might involve fitness (perhaps running a certain distance or climbing a mountain), health (quitting smoking or denying yourself donuts) or something else quite out of the ordinary. Whatever you'd like to acheive, we'd love to support your efforts to support us.

Paul Gladwell and Martin Edwards swapped their suits for sneakers and ran 240km across the scorching sands of the Sahara to raise more than $130,000 for our Cancer Centre. A fantastic feat!

You can start by creating your own personal challenge web page, where you can quickly and easily:

  • explain in your own words why and how you want to achieve your goal and support St Vincent’s
  • email a link to your page to all your friends and family seeking their support
  • share your challenges and achievements on facebook and twitter
  • track the progress of your fundraising efforts online
  • automatically send tax receipts for donations from your supporters.

You can create your own fundraising page on St Vincent’s Community Fundraising Portal, which is set up on the Everyday Hero charity website. Why not create your own page now?

Please support us