Fundraising Ideas

There are so many different ways to fundraise for your favourite St Vincent’s cause while having fun at the same time. Here are some ideas to get you started…


Out and about

Hold a garage or car boot sale they do say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Get friends involved to lighten the load…

Host a BBQ – sizzle some snags and enjoy frosty drinks with friends, family and workmates in the park or your own backyard. A $10 donation will be about right.

Go tour guide for the day and organise a stroll around a place of interest. Literary, culinary, horticultural…what would you find most interesting? Find facts online and your inspiration will be infectious and people will be happy to donate $10 especially when they know it’s for St Vincent’s.

Get some tasty treats together with a friend and invite your mates for a leisurely picnic in the park. Bring rugs and games and pass the hat around for your favourite St Vincent’s department.


Activities after dark

Let the games begin – host a night of board game favourites. Lay on some snacks and ask for donations to the St Vincent’s cause.

Host a dinner party – showcase your inner Masterchef and invite friends to enjoy your creations. The donations of appreciation will flow with the wine (provided you ask for them).

Organise a concert – if you know a great band or performer ask them if they’ll support your fundraising efforts by playing for free. Selling tickets in advance is usually best and find a friendly venue owner for a cheap or free performance space. Alternative – get DJ buddies to spin their discs and dust off the disco ball.

If something glitzier appeals then a gala ball or evening extravaganza gives everyone a chance to dress up to the nines and enjoy an amazing night out. A group of friends helps to make this fun and shares the workload (you’ll need plenty of planning time for this one but the rewards can be great).


Creative capers

Host a karaoke night and lay on some food and drinks. The fun will be worth a donation from your mates for sure.

Get competitive – organise a trivia night and see who really does know the most about 80s pop.

Run a raffle or hold an auction. You can use your St Vincent’s Authority Letter (once registered) to ask for donated goods as prizes. Be sure to let the suppliers know you’ll display their support. Friends and family can also help to source prizes.

Bake sale? Dress Down Day? Why not do both? Get some cake making done with friends as another fun activity and you’ll raise some great dollars on the day!


 A touch of culture

Organise a book sale – you’ll be surprised how many books your mates can donate.

Screen a film or start a regular film club. Lay on some nibbles and drinks and ask for donations. You can even get short term licences for rare films.

Set up a book club with a donation from each member each meeting. Remember to share your story about why you are passionate about the work of St Vincent’s.

How about an Art Show? Display local artists at your friendly coffee shop, have an opening night fundraiser and arrange for a painting or two to be donated as $20 per ticket raffle prizes.


For more ideas or details about any of our top fives, contact our Community Fundraising staff member on 9231 5535 or email

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