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Every year the Rehabilitation Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital treats hundreds of patients suffering from life-changing symptoms following a major stroke.

Many of our patients require months of physiotherapy and rehabilitative treatment before they are well enough to go home.

Laine Yates was just 36 when she suffered a major stroke. She says, ”I woke up in the night with a massive headache. I went to get up to go to the bathroom to take some paracetamol and I just collapsed. My husband woke up and asked why I was on the floor. I said, ‘I can’t get back up!“

Thankfully for Laine, her husband rushed her to hospital where the emergency staff diagnosed she had experienced a major stroke, paralysing her down her left-hand side.

Multiple scans identified she had a prefrontal lobe haemorrhage. Unfortunately, anti-blood clotting drugs aren’t suitable for this type of stroke. Without anti-blood clotting drugs to aid her, Laine faced a long, hard road to recovery.

She says, “I was completely reliant on others but all I could think about was getting better so that I could be home with my kids.”

Luckily for Laine, she was transferred to the Rehabilitation Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital, who aid in the recovery for some of the most complex stroke survivors.

Kim Brock, Team Leader for St Vincent’s Rehabilitation Unit, who has been treating patients for over 20 years says, “Laine spent three months receiving extensive rehabilitative treatment. On her arrival, staff gave her therapy once a day. She couldn’t even do simple things, such as get out of bed by herself or go to the toilet unassisted.”

Meeting Laine today you wouldn’t know she has suffered a major stroke. Her exceptional recovery is thanks to the hard work and determination by both her and the St Vincent’s Rehabilitation Team.

Laine was fortunate to have her family ready to support her in any way they could. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all our patients. She says, “I just count myself super lucky, I have a loving family. There are a lot of people in hospital who don’t have that. That’s why I do what I do now, volunteering my time to visit patients with my dog Ziggy. I often have people say I look forward to your visit every week as you are the only person who visits me. It just breaks my heart, they have no one to come and visit them.”

Please show your support for the patients who have suffered a stroke by sending a Gift for Hope today.

With your support, we can bring comfort to those in our care. 

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