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The Love Your St Vincent's Campaign

For over 128 years our community has shown kindness, love and generosity for our great hospital. It is this love for St Vincent’s that has enabled us to grow from a small cottage hospital – to one of the top hospitals in the world.

We invite members of the community to join us in acknowledging our staff and their amazing efforts and share why you Love Your St Vincent’s.

The Love Your St Vincent’s Giving Campaign, is an opportunity for all members of the community to come together and celebrate the care and dedication of our nurses, doctors, staff and volunteers who work right across St Vincent’s Health Service.

At the heart of St Vincent’s is our mission to provide love and outstanding service, inspired by the Sisters of Charity who established our hospital. Whether you are attending as a patient or visiting someone you love, you will witness the exceptional and loving care our staff provide.

St Vincent’s commitment to improving the care and quality of life of all patients remains at the core of the hospital. The hospital’s ethos is firmly planted in the belief that every life is precious. Staff go above and beyond – they not only save lives, but also work to improve them.

It is this love for St Vincent’s that inspires our staff to provide exceptional and compassionate care – day in, day out.

Through good times and tough times, our staff have been there to care for you.

We invite you to celebrate and share how you Love Your St Vincent’s.

Please show why you Love Your St Vincent’s.



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