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Please support our high-risk and critically ill patients this Christmas.

We urgently need assistance to update our out-of-date monitoring system at St Vincent’s Private Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Staff in our ICU work tirelessly to provide specialist care to our sickest and most complex patients. These patients require constant monitoring of their vital signs to ensure they receive the critical care they need.

David Williams, the Director of St Vincent’s Private Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) says, “At the heart of our eight-bed ICU is a patient monitoring system that assists the nursing staff to identify any potential deterioration in the patient’s condition.”

With technology rapidly changing, this monitoring system is now out-of-date and needs to be replaced urgently.

I ask for your support for St Vincent’s Private Hospital’s ICU. Your life-saving gift will help to ensure our critically ill patients have access to the most advanced medical equipment.

Each patient is attached to a bedside monitor in our eight-bed ICU. These monitors collect and display data about a patient’s vital signs in real time. This information is monitored continuously by the bedside nurse via a central control system. Clinical staff can then respond immediately to any deterioration in a patient’s condition.

The bedside monitor made all the difference to 65-year-old Adam.

After spending many years working in a coal mine, he developed chronic lung disease and pneumoconiosis. Adam was brought to the hospital with acute shortness of breath and was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. He required the support of a mechanical ventilator to breathe. The bedside monitor displayed his vital signs so staff could closely monitor his condition, particularly his oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide levels. With this information, his doctors were able to decide when he could be taken off the ventilator. After 10 days in ICU, he was successfully weaned from the ventilator. He spent a further week in the respiratory ward before being sent home.

Please donate today and support our urgent need to replace the vital signs monitors in our ICU.

Your gift will help to ensure our critically ill patients have access to the most advanced life-saving medical equipment.


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