Your questions

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How do I go about making a Will?

We recommend you to seek services of a lawyer or a trustee company when drafting your Will, to help ensure your wishes are fulfilled and that it’s legal and valid. We also encourage you to notify your loved ones. 

The Law Institute of Victoria has a panel of accredited lawyers who specialise in Wills, Estate and Probate who may work nearby you.

Trustee companies can also provide professional advice when drafting your will and appoint your Executors.

Can I decide where the funds will be directed to?

You can choose where you would like your gift to be directed to for example, The Cancer Centre, Caritas Christi or St George’s. However, we would recommend directing your gift to the area of most need (untied gift); in case a programme is no longer operating at the time receive your gift.

Do I need to notify St Vincent's?

We would love you to notify us, so we can thank you and discuss how you would like to be recognised. We understand and respect your decision if you choose not to disclose your intentions.

Can I change my existing will?

Small changes or additions to an existing Will such as the inclusion of a gift to the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne can be done by adding a codicil. These must be signed and witnessed in the same manner as a Will.