What we do

St Vincent’s Foundation raises funds to support the vital work of the hospital, one of Victoria’s most respected public health care providers.


Who we help

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne provides the very best in patient care to people from all walks of life, especially those in need. St Vincent’s is known as the people’s hospital, treating more than 57,000 patients a year.


What is the Foundation?

Why St Vincent’s Hospital?

St Vincent’s has long been a leader in medical treatment in Australia – in the 1960’s we established Australia’s first Intensive Care Unit, in 2011 we performed the first hand transplant and in 2014 we utilised 3D printing technology to build a new heel to replace a cancerous bone.

Our vision is to continue leading the way but also to continue caring for the Victorian community. We’re on a mission - someone has to be! We need your help and support to continue our vision for the next 125 years.

What we’ve funded


was fundraised to develop artificial skin.


to create artificial cartilage for body joints.


to enable research into designing and printing 3D jaw replacements for people with oral cancer


to prevent delirium and dementia amongst older people after anaesthesia and surgery.


to pilot the establishment of a service for outpatients with Multiple Myeloma to receive Autologous Stem Cell Transplants.


for research into improving outcomes for people afflicted with lymphoedema.