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St Vincent’s nurses are on the front line – they are courageous, strong and resilient. They continue to astound us with their ability to remain calm in a crisis, while providing selfless care to those in need. We are reaching out to you today to ask for your help for urgently needed equipment to assist our nurses in providing the best possible care for our patients in these challenging times.

Please help us to assist our nurses continue to bring joy to sick children by giving a gift that will help them to heal. The use of themed art in hospitals has proven to have significant health benefits, particularly for young patients. Your gift will go towards providing a year’s worth of artistic decorations to transform the ward, and save our nurses from paying for this out of their own pockets.

Patients undergoing cancer care often require hours of treatment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not only physically challenging, but they can also have an adverse impact on our patients’ psychological wellbeing.  The upgrade of the Werribee Day Oncology Unit aims to create individual pods to give patients more privacy in as restful and relaxing a setting as possible. Changes to the physical space will also improve the patients’ experiences. Please assist our patients by supporting this upgrade.

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