Include a Gift in your Will

A Gift in your Will is a wonderful way to ensure your generosity can make a significant difference beyond your lifetime. 

Each gift allows St Vincent’s to help prepare for the future in areas of treatment, research and acquiring new or specialised equipment, as well as creating additional facilities and providing the highest level of patient care that would otherwise be impossible.

If you would like an information pack or to confidentially discuss options, please contact our Donor Relations Officer on 03 9231 3365.

If you have already included a Gift in your Will, we would love you to let us know so we can understand your wishes, invite you to Bequest Society events and most importantly, to thank you personally for your kind and generous support.

All gifts, large or small, have a meaningful impact on the care we provide.

How to include a Gift in your Will

We are so grateful when people choose to include a gift in their Will to St Vincent’s Hospital. Over the years bequests have been a vital source of income boosting the varied areas where people felt a connection with, such as the Cancer Centre, the Cardiac Ward or medical research. We have been able to achieve great results with these gifts.

We understand family and loved ones always come first. It is important to talk with your loved ones about your wishes and intentions of your Will. These discussions with loved ones help to build a better understanding, ensuring your wishes will be respected.

There are many methods available for you to make this thoughtful and generous gesture.

Residual Gift *
After taking care of your family and loved ones, the remainder of your estate can be gifted as a percentage or all of your residual estate can be gifted.

Percentage Gift *
A nominated percentage of your estate. 

Pecuniary Gift
This is a set dollar amount chosen by you when drafting your Will. It is best to review your Will frequently, to ensure your intended value is not eroded by inflation over time.

Specific Gift
You can include a specific gift, such as property, shares, jewellery, art work, superannuation or insurance policies.

*Both residual and percentage gifts maintain their value over time, and are less influenced by economic changes.

Including a gift is an important decision but it doesn't have to be complicated. We have information, support and advice available to make the process as easy as possible. Please check the FAQs and brochures linked from this page, or place a request for information.

"I hope that my gift will benefit other patients, so they can receive the same exceptional care."

- John

"My care has gone beyond courtesy, I really value the kindness, dignity and respect that I'm always given."

- Glen

“I am very glad for the wonderful care I have received. In a fast-changing world, I really want the quality of care to remain a constant. I really value the holistic focus given to each patient. I hope the quality of care will continue not only for me, but for my family, grandchildren and others. St Vincent’s is a remarkable hospital.”

- Cheryl


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