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Victoria’s Centre for Myeloma Treatment

St Vincent’s Chemotherapy Day Unit is Victoria's centre for myeloma treatment.

Essential items for vulnerable patients

Local and national businesses generously donated warm clothes and toiletries for patients in need.

Find out why supporting Dry July is so important

Hear from one of our brave patients, Brendan, about how your support for Dy July helps.

Thank you for your kind and generous support

We are truly grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from our Family of Supporters.

Staying positive in the face of adversity

Living with an incurable cancer is an extremely challenging situation for anyone but Karen Wilde is ...

ACMD appoints new CEO

Scientist, educator and entrepreneur, Dr Erol Harvey, has been appointed new CEO of ACMD.

Family rallies for brave grandmother

Robyn Graham beat breast cancer in 2017. Find out what happened next....

Powering social connection

The Virtual Visitor Program is helping isolated patients stay in touch with their families.

Family rivalry achieves an impressive result

Discover the secret to our Dry July 2019 Fundraising Champion's success.

Patients sit in comfort thanks to Dry July

Find out how St Vincent’s cancer patients benefited from $40,000 raised from Dry July 2019.

Building for the future of palliative care

Construction has started on the new Caritas Christi building. Watch the progress of the build live!

International Nurses Day

We encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on the incredible care our nurses provide.

A new lease on life

Ray Thomas will be forever grateful to St Vincent's for saving his life.

Using technology to address Covid-19 needs

Advanced manufacturing assistance is being offered to clinicians to meet Covid-19 needs.

Giving back to say thanks for life-changing care

Neel is giving back to support the hospital that transformed his life.

New series of videos to show our appreciation

We've created a series of videos as a thank you for the support received for our Emergency Appeal.