A commitment to family and the community

21 Dec 2022

Family is Alex Cilmi’s number one priority. His wife, Lucy, and five children are everything to him. He attributes his success in life and in business to his family. “Without my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My family have supported me through the highs and lows, quite simply, they make me a better person.”

Alex heads up the family business, Western Storage Transport, in Laverton North. His parents, Salvatore and Grazia, founded the company in 1982. The Cilmi family credit the community of Wyndham for helping them grow and support their business over the past 40 years.

Alex is also passionate about his local football and golf clubs. In his down time, you’ll often find this proud father on the footy field or golf course supporting his kids who are on track to achieving their professional sporting goals.

BELOW IMAGE: The talented Cilmi children. 

It’s this support and community spirit that has motivated Alex and his family to sponsor a number of local sporting clubs and most recently, to make a significant donation to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee. Their generous donation of $100,000 will go towards enabling the purchase of a Mako Robot.

This revolutionary technology enables orthopaedic surgeons to better tailor hip and knee replacements to their patients, involves smaller incisions and reduces recovery time after surgery. 

St Vincent’s Foundation is seeking philanthropists, like Alex and his family, to support the purchase of a Mako Robot for Werribee.

“We want to help the hospital to grow. The Mako Robot will not only enable St Vincent’s Werribee to specialise in joint replacement procedures, it will also attract more specialists to work at the Hospital.”

BELOW IMAGE: The Cilmi family at The July Werribee Gala Ball

A great success story
Alex’s parents migrated to Australia from Italy in the 1950s. Coming from a small farming village, Salvatore wanted to offer a better lifestyle for his wife and children. Their success was built on sheer hard work…they worked tirelessly on days, nights and weekends.

“My parent’s motto was “work hard and you will achieve success”. Through hard work, determination, community support and a dedication to helping people and providing the best service for their clients, they have built a thriving business,” Alex said.

Alex has dedicated the donation to the Hospital to his parents. “I wanted to recognise what they’ve achieved and their contribution to the community.” A plaque commemorating Salvatore and Grazia will also be displayed in the Hospital’s reception area. 

BELOW IMAGE: Salvatore and Grazia Cilmi

Inspired by a life-long friendship
Founding member and Chair of the Werribee Private Hospital Committee, Ori Salvalaggio, played a significant role in inspiring Alex to become involved with St Vincent’s Werribee.

“Ori is my friend and mentor. If I’m unsure about something or need help or assistance, he’s the first person I call. He does so much for my family, for the business, and for me. Ori invited me and my family to the Werribee Gala Ball in July this year and that’s where my connection to the Hospital began,” Alex said.

BELOW IMAGE: Life long friends Ori Salvalaggio and Alex Cilmi

“The population in the western suburbs is booming. Ori and I always said we needed an extra hospital to keep up with this increased demand. I hope more local businesses jump on board to support the hospital. The community will benefit and it will ease the pressure on the public hospitals.

“The ultimate goal is to attract the best talent to Werribee so St Vincent’s can offer top care to support everyone who will need it in the future,” Alex said.

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If you would like to help us purchase a Mako Robot, please contact the Foundation’s Deputy Director, Rebecca MacFarling, on 03 9231 3365.


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