The Aikenhead

Centre for

Medical Discovery

The Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery – A hub fusing medicine, engineering, science and industry to yield significant economic, patient and healthcare impact, unlike anywhere else in Australia

The development of new treatments and medical solutions requires a diverse range of expertise, skill-sets, and environments that are not typically housed within a single organization. 

The Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery (ACMD) is an ambitious initiative to create the first hospital-based, world-class healthtech innovation hub in Australia.

The ACMD is modelled after several best-of-breed international collaborative consortiums and hubs that have been demonstrated to accelerate the development of medical solutions to market and adoption in clinical practice thereby delivering better patient outcomes and quality of life.

Headquartered at St Vincent’s Hospital in the heart of Melbourne, the ACMD facility will be a purposefully designed landmark that stimulates connectivity and upskilling of our best scientists, engineers, clinicians, allied health, and industry professionals to transform ground-breaking biomedical research and technologies into new medical solutions - effectively enabling more of the "development" in research and development (R&D).

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