Engineering is the future of medicine

Engineering is the future of medicine

ACMD is a centre fusing medicine, engineering, science and industry to yield significant economic, patient and healthcare impact, unlike anywhere else in Australia.

The development of new treatments and medical solutions requires a diverse range of expertise, skill-sets, and environments that are not typically housed within a single organisation. 

ACMD is an ambitious initiative to create the first hospital-based, world-class medical engineering centre in Australia.

We will tackle some of the world’s most debilitating and chronic conditions such as epilepsy, osteoarthritis, diabetes, traumatic joint injury and cancer.

Our experts in mechanical, electronic, robotic and digital and data engineering have already begun creating smart devices, implantables and technology that will improve the quality of life for people living with serious illness.

Collaboration is key. For the first time, we are bringing the brightest people together from some of Australia’s best institutes and universities, to work side-by-side on a hospital campus.

Headquartered at St Vincent’s Hospital in the heart of Melbourne, the ACMD Centre will accelerate the development of medical solutions, ultimately delivering better patient outcomes and quality of life.

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St Vincent's Foundation
Ground floor
Rear, 55 Victoria Parade
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065