Lift up our nurses

Lift up our community

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After showing up day after day, uplifting and continuing to care for our community through the global pandemic, it’s time we helped the nurses who help us. 

Donate to the nursing scholarship fund today. 

On top of these challenges, innovations in patient care and medical technology are constantly evolving. As frontline workers, nurses must stay up to date with the latest training and medical information to offer the best care. With financial and time constraints, further studies and personal development often take a back seat.   

In providing scholarship opportunities, St Vincent’s Foundation Victoria can open new career pathways for nurses and ensure their passion for the job is matched by their skills. 

With your kind generosity, we can invest in nurses and give them the training they need to lift up our whole community. 

"It’s so important for us to keep upskilling. By funding nursing scholarships, you are funding the community as well, because that’s where the skills and the knowledge is going to go.”

– Nichola White, Registered Nurse at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne 


Emergency Department (ED) Nurse at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne 


Registered Nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne


Registered Nurse at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne

When you lift our nurses, you lift our whole community.

No matter what you are able to give, your support will help lift up passionate nurses, as they continue caring for community.

$1 000 - $5 000

Could provide a partial scholarship to support a nurse while they gain life- saving skills and take part in the latest training.

$12 000

Could provide a full scholarship for a nurse to get their graduate certificate diploma, giving them financial support when they need it most.

$30 000

Could support a nurse to obtain a master’s degree or nurse practitioner qualification with a full scholarship.

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Give a life changing gift. Donate today.


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