Turning pain into laughter

03 Aug 2023

When we last caught up with comedian Nick Capper last year, he was going through treatment for testicular cancer. Click here to catch up on Nick’s story. 

At the time, Nick was planning to share his very personal cancer experience in a very public way. He was writing a show for the comedy festival circuit focused on making light of going through cancer and losing a testicle. 

True to his word, Nick wowed audiences at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Adelaide Fringe with his hilarious account of his cancer experience. 

Nick says the past 12 months have been pretty hectic. Most importantly, he’s officially in remission. “There are still some nodules on my lungs, but it’s looking like it’s scar tissue. I need to keep having scans every two to three months but it’s not in my blood anymore so that’s great!”

Writing his comedy show and finishing up chemotherapy (chemo) has been a real period of acceptance for Nick. “The whole experience has totally shifted my perspective and what’s important in life. I feel so grateful for my life.” 

Photo: Nick Capper at one of his comedy shows

Although he has really enjoyed sharing his story with audiences and helping them see the lighter side of cancer, he says it was also gruelling and challenging. “Touring took a bit out of me, but it's been really cool seeing people having different reactions to the content, especially people who have had cancer. They’ve opened up to me after the show, which has been awesome. 

Nick didn’t share much about his chemo treatment in his show because it was all such a blur. “Thankfully my mind has protected me by erasing most of those memories. And the St Vincent’s team were just awesome!” 

He remembers cruising through chemo at the start. He was still doing gigs and had all his hair, his crowning glory. “Then things fell apart. I had constant nausea and my hair fell out. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was reminded that I have cancer. It was a really brutal time. I still get ringing in my ears that can go on for hours and I get dehydrated easily.” 

Thankfully Nick’s hair has grown back to almost pre-chemo condition, just in time for the next big step in his life. Nick and his fiancé, Caitlin, are set to marry in August. 

Photo: Nick with his fiancé, Caitlin. 

Right now, Nick’s focus is to keep working and to look after his partner. “Caitlin looked after me while I was sick. I want her to have a really good life. She wants to travel before we have a family. It’s my goal to make sure she’s happy.” 

Nick and Caitlin both did Dry July this year. “I think people should support Dry July because it really helps the cancer patients at St Vincent’s. For example, all of the comfy treatment chairs were purchased from Dry July funds. It really is a fantastic cause.” 

There’s still time to support St Vincent’s cancer patients. Donate to Dry July



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