Your support brings the latest technology to St Vincent’s

27 Mar 2023

Generous donations to the 2022 tax appeal have helped St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne become the first public hospital in Australia to install the Synaptive Modus V – a robotic exoscope.

The exoscope is a 3D microscope which allows surgeons to operate with greater precision and reduced risk during brain surgery and other procedures.  The exoscope was featured in the tax appeal last year and through your support St Vincent’s is now a proud owner.

Dr Paul Smith, Director of Neurosurgery at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne said, “It is incredibly important to have that kind of support from the community, and their interest in helping us make a difference to the lives of patients is so meaningful.”

Click here to watch the Channel Seven Media story. 

Image (L to R): Dr Andrew Gogos and Dr Paul Smith demonstrating the exoscope technology to Victorian Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas.

The benefits of a robotic-assisted view

Surgery on the brain can take between 5 to 16 hours or more, which is mentally and physically demanding on a surgeon’s body.

Dr Andrew Gogos, a Neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s who led the first surgeries using the new exoscope explained, “We previously used an operative microscope which requires the surgeon’s body and head position to be fixed in relation to the microscope. If we had to move the microscope to see a different angle, we would physically have to shift our body.”

Using the robotic exoscope, the surgeon has the ability to move the robotic arm of the device with ease, using voice commands to gain access to more challenging views of their patients. The surgeon can maintain an ergonomic position throughout the procedure.

This new approach reduces overall surgical time and patient risk.

Educating future health leaders

As an education hub for medical advancement, St Vincent’s will be a teaching site for the Asia-Pacific region in the use of the exoscope. 

Local, interstate and international surgeons will spend time at the hospital to gain first-hand knowledge and training from experienced surgeons at St Vincent’s.

The exoscope’s 3D microscope enables a whole surgical team, including the anaesthetist, nurses and technicians, to have the same view as the surgeon, with the procedure projected onto large 4K screens in the operating theatre.

“It allows everyone in the room wearing 3D glasses to see what is happening inside the patient as we operate, not just rely on what we are telling them is happening,” said Dr Gogos, adding that it is also a handy educational tool for students and trainees.

Thank you

“We cannot thank our generous donors enough for recognising the importance of getting behind the future of medicine. This foresight has brought the most cutting-edge technology to St Vincent’s, providing our teams with the best and most up-to-date care for our patients.” Sue Parkes, CEO St Vincent’s Foundation Victoria.

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