The great Bunnings bake sale

14 Nov 2023

The digital team at Bunnings recently put their culinary expertise to the test, holding a bake sale to raise funds for St Vincent’s Hospital’s Sisterhood Support Fund. 

Senior Manager of Delivery, Swaty Malhotra said “Our Women in Digital group, which is run to support and encourage female talent in the team, has chosen to support the Sisterhood of St Vincent’s Support Fund because of its focus as a committed network assisting women's health issues and aiding women in the fields of health, science, and engineering.

“The Bunnings Bake Sale was a great way to encourage team members to come together to support this fantastic cause. With the assistance of the St Vincent’s Foundation, we created a donation page and posters with QR codes and encouraged our team to make a donation to support the Sisterhood.” 

This year, The Sisterhood Support Fund was created to help more than 1,000 at-risk patients each year by providing them a fund to supply clothing, healthy food, and other essentials. 

Yvonne Bonomo, Director of Addiction Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne said, “Around one in 20 Australians has an addiction or substance abuse problem. There are so many examples of how much need there is in the community.”

More than $1,600 was raised through The Bunnings Bake Sale. The funds will enable St Vincent’s Mental Health and Addiction Medicine team to support their clients. 

“When it’s been a small item, the desperation has been so great that team members have funded it out of their own pocket. Having a dedicated fund where we can purchase things for our clients to help them become their best selves will be enormously beneficial. Thank you, you’re all angels.” 

Richard Thayer, St Vincent's Foundation Corporate and Community Partnerships Manager says, “Congratulations to The Bunnings Digital team on their successful fundraiser for the Sisterhood of St Vincent’s Support Fund. Over $1,600 raised is a fantastic effort and a great example of how teams and businesses can work together to support the Sisterhood throughout the year.” 

PHOTO: Richard Thayer, St Vincent's Foundation Corporate and Community Partnerships Manager presents Senior Manager of Delivery, Swaty Malhotra with a certificate in recognition of her team's fundraising efforts. 

If your business wishes to support St Vincent’s Foundation, please contact Richard Thayer, Corporate and Community Partnerships Manager at or call 0413 199 875.


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