Community generosity brings people closer

18 Apr 2023

Last year at tax time, we asked for support to purchase a cuddle bed for Caritas Christi.

This aptly named bed is large, adjustable and custom designed to allow family members to enjoy a cuddle, watch a movie side by side or even spend the night together. The bed enables the patient to be held and comforted, which can help to reduce anxiety, pain, and stress during the end-of-life process.

Thanks to donors like you, Caritas Christi, is now the proud owner of a brand new cuddle bed. Thank you!

Angela Baird, Caritas Christi Nurse Unit Manager, says the cuddle bed is a welcome addition to the facility. “It’s an exceptionally high-quality bed that allows families to be close and share experiences together. Children can sit with a sick parent with plenty of room for colouring-in or playing with toys or a husband and wife can sleep together in the same bed.

IMAGE: Angela Baird, Caritas Christi Nurse Unit Manager next to the cuddle bed. 

“The bed has all the bells and whistles – lights for night time safety, a premium quality mattress for pressure area management and an integrated falls prevention system.”

“As a patient nears the end of life, closeness and connection becomes so important. The cuddle bed allows loved ones to be close to each other as they would in their own home environment. This can be a powerful and meaningful experience for families.

“On behalf of my team and our patients and families, thank you for this generous gift. It has brought an important patient-centred element to our care, helping us to focus even more on the patients and their end-of-life experience,” Angela said.

IMAGE: Angela and members of her team with the cuddle bed.

Sue Parkes, CEO St Vincent’s Foundation Victoria, said she is inspired by the overwhelming support for palliative care services in our community. “I am grateful to everyone who stepped forward at tax time to enhance the comfort and well-being of patients during difficult times. Together, we will ensure that people feel love and compassion at the end of their lives.”

If you would like to find out more about how you can support Caritas Christi, please contact the St Vincent’s Foundation team on 03 9231 3365 or email


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