Generous gift will fast track the future of breast screening

01 Jun 2023

MECCA M-POWER has provided a generous gift to support St Vincent’s BreastScreen Clinical Director and Adjunct Associate Professor Helen Frazer’s globally unique research using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve the accuracy, efficiency and experience of breast cancer screening.

MECCA M-POWER is a social change movement created to champion equality and opportunity for women and girls. Their mission is to help create a world in which the next generations can thrive. This generous gift to the BRAIx project is realising their mission.

By choosing to support this ground-breaking project, MECCA M-POWER is fast tracking the development of a technology that will provide women with access to more accurate and personalised breast screening.

“I am deeply honoured to receive this generous support from MECCA M-POWER. I am inspired by their passion and belief in the work we’re doing that could potentially save lives. This support also acknowledges the incredible team and partners involved in this project. Together, we are on a mission to transform breast cancer screening with AI,” said Helen.

IMAGE: Helen Frazer, Adjunct Associate Professor and St Vincent’s BreastScreen Clinical Director.

About BRAIx

Helen said the project is motivated by the fact that breast cancer is the most common cancer in Australian women and the second most common cause of cancer death.

“We know that screening saves lives but we can do it better. What’s most exciting is that technological innovations can improve the way we screen women.

“The transforming breast cancer screening with artificial intelligence program (BRAIx) uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to improve cancer detection, service delivery times and program efficiencies.

“Essentially, by combining human and artificial intelligence we can make an enormous difference to how we provide breast screening to women,” Helen said.

Sue Parkes, CEO St Vincent’s Foundation Victoria, said she is delighted to work with donors whose vision aligns with work that has the potential to have such a significant impact on women’s health. “I am grateful to MECCA M-POWER. They have shown visionary support by identifying an area of great need where they could make a significant impact. We celebrate the MECCA M-POWER team for taking the initiative to instigate such important change for generations of women to come."


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