A fitting celebration for a great entertainer

01 Sep 2022

Tony Cursio was a born entertainer. After migrating to Australia from Italy at the age of 15, he became a prominent figure in Melbourne’s Italian community. He became known not only for his excellent singing skills but also for his outgoing personality. 

Tony loved to socialise. His son Adam said his dad was fun, loud and everyone loved him. “He made everyone feel comfortable and happy and you could almost guarantee he would be the last to leave a party!

“My dad inspired my brother and I to get into music and now thanks to him we’re doing a tour in Italy, returning to the town where dad grew up. We see it as gift from my dad from above.”

Tony’s family and friends lost their beloved ‘entertainer’ all too soon. After breaking his arm pushing a shopping trolley, Tony was diagnosed with lung cancer. By the time they caught it, the cancer had spread and was too aggressive for him to be saved. He passed away at St Vincent’s Hospital on 26 July 2021.

“Dad really valued what the doctors at St Vincent’s did for him, he thought they were amazing. He knew they tried every avenue which gave us all hope but it was just too advanced. The communication from the team was exceptional and he always felt really well cared for,” Adam said.

It was Tony’s dying wish that a fundraiser be held and that the proceeds would go towards St Vincent’s Cancer treatment and services.

Almost a year after Tony’s death, 450 people gathered at the San Remo Ballroom in Carlton North to celebrate the great man in a style he would have been proud of. There was live music performed by his sons Adam and David, Tony’s band played and everyone kicked up their heels and danced and partied late into the evening. 

It was the perfect chance to get everyone together; relatives and old and new friends to all have a great night in his memory.”

Guests were extremely generous. The event, through auctions, raffles and donations, ended up raising over $23,800 – a truly a phenomenal result!

“Thank you to everyone who sponsored the ball, supplied prizes and donated on the night. It was dad’s wish to support the St Vincent’s cancer team so they can save many more people,” Adam said.

You can set up your own fundraising page to support St Vincent’s Hospitals. Head to: https://www.stvfoundation.org.au/fundraise 


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