Marvellous Macca is Top Dog

30 Sep 2021

Macca, one of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne’s therapy dogs and is trained to provide affection and comfort to our patients and residents. Macca’s important role hasn’t gone unnoticed. He beat 500 other pooches to be crowned ‘Top Dog with a Job’ at the inaugural Oz Top Dog awards.

This pint-sized ‘health worker’ diligently volunteers on our wards, providing comfort to patients who are scared or anxious throughout their stay in hospital. According to the team at St Vincent’s, Macca has been instrumental throughout the pandemic. In fact, he’s their superhero.


Macca made his media debut in the Herald Sun alongside Nurse Unit Manager, Kathryn Connor and was even featured in a story on Channel Ten News.


Judy Clover, Macca’s proud owner, and Manager of Volunteer Services, says he isn’t letting the fame go to his head. “He will get a wonderful trophy, I’m not sure how big it is - he might even be able to sit in it!”


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