Social distancing inspires team to go dry for July

05 Aug 2021

Fifteen members of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne’s Emergency Department (ED) decided to get a team together to participate in Dry July. 2021 marked the very first time any of the group had taken part in the annual event.

Alison Coe, St Vincent's ED Associate Nurse Unit Manager gave us an insight into what inspired the creation of the Dry July team.

What inspired the group to create the Dry July team?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have tried to put a focus on the ongoing health and well-being of our staff. Unfortunately due to social distancing rules we have been unable to undertake a lot of the usual activities that keep us sane outside of work. We thought that this was something we could do as a team while also doing something that benefits many others.

How did you raise funds for Dry July?

The pandemic has meant we were restricted to the kinds of things we would normally do to fundraise, e.g. hold a bake sale, a BBQ, social events etc.

In terms of raising funds, we largely relied on the generosity of our own team, friends and family and via our own private social media accounts. We also put up some posters promoting Dry July in our common areas and in the emergency department waiting room. We are conscious of the financial impact that COVID-19 has had on a lot of people so we didn’t want to ask too much of others but so far are very happy with our first Dry July efforts.

Did you have a fundraising target?

We initially set a low target of $2000 dollars. However we exceeded that that target in the first few days and doubled the target to $4000.

As we have raised over $4200 in the first 3 weeks it looks like we may need to revisit that goal!

What do you like the most about working at St Vincent’s?

The team and the camaraderie, not just in ED but throughout other departments and the hospital in general.

You can still support the St Vincent’s Dry July ED Team until the end of August: St Vincent's Dry July ED Team


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