The Ian Potter Foundation supports vital research

22 Jun 2022

Charitable Trusts and foundations play a vital role by providing funding for equipment, life-changing medical research, and improved healthcare. This year, funding from trusts and foundations has exceeded $615,000.

A recent generous grant of $100,000 from The Ian Potter Foundation will enable the purchase of a microscope that will be the first of its kind in Australia.

The Ultramicroscope Blaze Light Sheet Microscope is a revolutionary, 3D microscope that will equip research teams at the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery (ACMD) to conduct world-leading microscopy research. It will enable researchers to visualise 3D engineered tissue such as nerves, cartilage and muscle, without needing to cut tissue into thin sections which is required with standard microscopes. It will also allow for the 3D tracking of cancer cells in large models, to understand the interaction of drugs within a tumour.

By giving researchers access to high-resolution, 3D visual information from implants and tissues, this state-of-the-art microscope and analysis software will place the ACMD at the forefront of Australian biomedical engineering research.

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