The power of a united effort

01 Jun 2021

Staff from St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne 6th Floor created a team for Dry July 2020. Together, the nine team members raised over $5,000. These funds will go towards purchasing much needed items and even a few extra comforts for patients receiving treatment for cancer at St Vincent’s.

2020 was the first year the 6th Floor created a team for Dry July. Leader of the team and Registered Nurse, Kate Gore, gave us an insight into her team’s experiences.

What inspired you to get a team together for Dry July?

Our patients inspired us to get involved. We are a specialised Oncology, Haematology and Palliative Care ward, so our patients benefit greatly from the Dry July campaign. They go through a tough journey during their stay with us, undertaking chemotherapy, stem cell transplants and dealing with their new ‘normal’.

It was lovely to be able to give back to them, to support them, show solidarity and also to get their input into the items they wanted.

How did you raise the funds?

Lauren, one our nurses, is great with technology. She created a QR code poster which was plastered all over our ward, including in the staff toilet!

We also did a lot of campaigning via our private social media accounts, as well asking our friends and family to get involved.

Why do you think other St Vincent departments should consider getting a team together for Dry July?

It takes a lot of resources to care for people living with cancer including prolonged hospital stays away from their loved ones, transport costs and specialised equipment. Our patients rarely complain and show the most inspirational resilience during their stay with us.

I would encourage each department to get together for Dry July. It’s a great thing to do as a team and will allow us to keep giving our patients the outstanding care they deserve.

Why not get a team together to challenge and support each other to do Dry July?

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