Mental Health Week Fundraiser for Safe Haven Cafe

By Grace McLoughlan

Mental Health Week Fundraiser

For Mental Health Week I am raising funds for the Safe Haven Cafe. Since I was a teenager I have struggled with my mental health, and for a long time, struggled to access adequate support. I have also watched loved ones go through these heartbreaking experiences. Unfortunately, demand for mental health support is high but mental health services are underfunded, understaffed, and overworked. It is my hope that I can raise some money to improve people's experience of accessing mental health support. 

I have chosen to raise money for the Safe Haven Cafe, a service run out of St Vincent’s Mental Health.  The Safe Haven Cafe is a wonderful place where those struggling can drop in and have a cuppa and a chat with a peer worker (someone with a lived experience of mental distress and recovery). It provides a welcoming environment to reach out for help in a place that isn’t an emergency department. Its a great alternative that helps prevent traumatization or escalation that can happen in ED’s and allows a more accessible service for people to go to when they are feeling distressed, lonely, or simply need someone to talk to. It’s a fantastic service and makes reaching out for help so much easier because you’re walking into a calm café environment and chatting to people who really ‘get’ the stuff you’re going through. It has meant I have been able to stay out of hospital at times when I otherwise would have to be admitted. It would be fantastic if you could show your support this Mental Health Week by donating to Safe Haven Cafe

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rebecca Egan

We stan peak legend material


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Liz Powell


Craig Croft

Thank you so much Grace, this is very considerate of you! We appreciate it very much.


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Brigid Ryan

Thanks for this Grace, such an important initiative.


Heather Gale

I am proud of you.


Magenta Simmons

Great cause! Thanks for organis


Nellie Green

May there always be light Grace, to bring you, me and us all home when the waves get rough. Strong spirit ? Strong heart ? Strong mind ?


Sarah Harry

Fantastic initiative.


Gabrielle Stokes


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Duane Macdonald

Well done Grace - love your effort.


Nanny Gale

With love from Nanny


Aunty Fiona

Great job sweetie xxx


Elise West


Nicholas A

You’re amazing! Such a great cause - well done for all your hard work ☺️


Kate Bellamy

Keep up the great work Grace!!


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P West

Great job Grace, a very good cause.


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Keep up the good work


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