Cycling Across Europe for Mental Health

By Luke Haran

Riding across the Dolomites in Italy

After the alps, anything seemed possible and so it made sense to give the Italian Dolomite region a fair crack.  Again we were presented with ridiculously hard hill climbs, sometimes riding uphill for hours with no end seemingly in sight.  Then just as you are about to give in, you round the summit and get an amazing vista before you get to coast downhill and prepare for the next climb.

A truly beautiful part of the world!!

Zurich and the alps!

A hard few days climbing up into the alps with my good mate Tim.  He's flown over from Aus to join me in Zurich for the next two weeks and his legs are burning as we get higher into these mountains.  Our first day was miserable, cold and wet, getting much colder as we climbed higher to the first pass.  Our second day however was absolutely stunning, blue skies all around as we climbed the hills and breezed down the valleys, soaking in the amazing views all around.

Strasbourg :)

Finally I've arrived again to Strasbourg! I love this city! So much history, so many pretty buildings, such great food!! Taking a couple of rest days here to really relax, see the city and enjoy the food. Have been on a walking tour to understand a little of the history and today we're heading out on bikes to slowly ride through a few of the wineries nearby.

Luxembourg has many hills!!

Leaving Germany behind I've crossed over into Luxembourg and already the hills aren't quite as fun as I'd thought. The landscape is much the same, lots of farmland and rolling hills, passing through forests and woodlands, but gone are the dedicated bikeways and now we're mostly riding with the car traffic along the road.

Luxembourg City itself is quite charming and has the atmosphere of a typical expat city. There's are some interesting old buildings and ancient ruins but otherwise the city feels a little quiet and dull. Time to keep moving south towards France

Wine country!

I've passed through Cologne and Bonn, slowly making my way down the Rhine river.  The landscape is changing and I can feel the sun and humidty increasing as I get further south.  Have been riding all day through the vineyards that grow up the super steep mountain slopes. 

Crossing the Rhine and into Germany

It's only day 3 and I've already left the Netherlands behind and cycling through the German countryside.  The past few days have been mostly riding through farmlands and forest, although I did venture into a cool National Park with a large Van Gogh art exhibition stuck in the middle of it

Leaving Amsterdam

It all starts off in Amsterdam.  After spending the weekend relaxing with friends it's Sunday morning and finally time to hit the road

Help me support Mental Health

Mental illness can, and does, affect us all.  The past two years have been an incredibly difficult and interesting time in my life, and it's the support and care of the staff at St Vincent's that has helped us through this period.

I'm embarking on a 3 month bicycle ride across Europe, starting in Amsterdam and hoping to make it all the way to Istanbul.  With your help I am raising funds on behalf of the Mental Health Unit, specifically to go towards the purchase of new exercise equipment to help patients in their journey to recovery.

Mostly riding this trip in Europe by myself, I expect a lot of time to myself to sit back and reflect, long periods of loneliness & solitude interspersed with interesting sights and people to meet along the way.  I'll document and share my journey with you, hopefully providing a little inspiration of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Help me raise money and awareness for Mental Health.

Thank you to my Supporters


Joshua Brown

Congrats Luke!..You've made it! You rode a very long way for a excellent cause so the least I can do is to help you cross over that final fundraising finish line! :) Well Done mate.. Britta, Josh & Family


Kerrianne Lim Joon

Great stuff buddy! Ride well, ride safe and have an amazing time! I feel like I've been on this journey with you over the past few years...even if it's just been for coffee/breakfast catch ups in Melb. Speaking of journeys...where is Adrian Pitt on this ride? PS. this amount is a lucky feng shui number to help on the ride.


Alissa Gibbs

Have a great adventure!


Min Chan

Enjoy the ride!


Gilly Poon

Proud of you doing this. Have a great adventure. Keep us posted you are safe and sound


Kevin Haran

Good luck , enjoy and what an awsome cause


John Coulson

Heres another 5 countries... YAY



We're inspired by your journey Luke, and not just the one you're doing in Europe. :)


Lauren Moore

Super proud of you and best of luck adventuring!


Michael Warhola

You're doing a great thing man, safe travels and enjoy the ride!



Good luck with the ride


Dee Yin

You go Luke take care Dee



Great effort for a great cause. Well done.


Andrew Gregory

Do a wheelie at some point! Photo evidence needed. Proud of you, mate.


Margaret O'malley

Well done Luke! Keep the up the fabulous posts!


J Kort

I love following your adventures Luke.


Eleni Seitis

You're doing a fantastic ride for a great cause...enjoy the scenery, the people and especially, the sunsets. Love you lots, Mum xxx


Aldo Marcon

Bloody super jealous. Looks amazing but a tough mental challenge no doubt


Philip Clamp

Well done mate! Very impressive and thanks for all the updates 😗


Sharen Wakim



Samantha Mathews

well done friend


Chris & Liz

Best of luck to you my friend! Cheers



Better you than me - so impressed with your determination


Farmer Jon

Every day a new memory ...


Courtney Wall


Michela Forconi

Well done Luke, I admire you!


Therese Owe-young

Good Luck Luke


Binny Grainger

You are a true champion! X


Sarah Donoghue

Well done Luke! Your cycling is cool but not as impressive as your commitment to your snack of the day updates. Enjoy!


Jay Cee

$20 a country!!! That’s fair right?


Jay Cee

Country 2 - Germany!!! Amazing


Jane Scaife

All best matey! Well done.


Danielle Henderson

What an awesome challenge and for such an important cause. Good luck for the rest of the journey!


Sue Tay

Admire your courage for going through those hard times! Looking forward to reading about another adventure of yours!