By Lynn Chong

I am supporting the St Vincent's Hospital!

We are raising money for the St Vincent's Hospital Hepatobiliary and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgical Research Unit. This unit supports a number of important research projects and clinical trials aimed at improving outcomes for patients suffering from and undergoing treatment for gastrointestinal diseases including gastric, oesophageal, liver and pancreatic cancers.

Your support will directly help to care for people like Peter who underwent major gastrointestinal cancer surgery. Due to donations we have received in the past, he was able to receive high intensity interval training (HIIT) twice a day individualized to his needs throughout his hospital stay. This allowed Peter to maintain his strength and confidence throughout his recovery and contributed to his uncomplicated hospital stay. This study was awarded the SVHM Life Changing Research Award in 2021.

$50 provides 1x HIIT exercise session for 1 patient a day.

$100 provides 2x HIIT exercise sessions for 1 patient a day.

$1000 provides ALL HIIT exercise sessions for 1 patient's entire hospital length of stay

We would be so grateful if you could please help me make a difference and donate to our fundraising page.

To learn more about our study:

Thank you!


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