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By Anthony Mandarano

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Our Story

"I wrote the song 'Smile Betty' for my wonderful mum, Betty. And also to remind everyone to remember to smile because we’re going to get through this,” Anthony
Lyrics by Anthony Mandarano
Song performed by John Mandarano
Thank You
On behalf of Betty Mandarano and the family, we thank everybody for all of your love and support during this very hard time.
Your generosity is very much appreciated by all of us!
Thank you.

We are supporting the St Vincent's Hospital!

Please join in supporting a good cause. I'm raising money for ST VINCENT'S HOSPITAL (MELBOURNE) and your contribution will make an impact. 

Our doctors, nurses and co-workers are doing all that they can to help every single patient who is suffering with COVID-19. Your support, will help everybody at St Vincent's.

Whether you donate a lot or a little. Anything helps. 

Thank you. 

The Mandarano Family

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anthony Mandarano


Melvin Liew

I hope that your mom will be better soon and wish you all the luck i can give from the bottom of my heart .


Martha Kourtidou

God listened to all of our strong preys Betty shaped my childhood and I always considered her as my second mum. She is a hero and so are all those around her


J & B


John Mandarano

You are brave, for trying your best every single day. You never asked for this, you are brave for enduring it. Everyone will get through this Sending all in need healing prayers


The Scroggie Family

Thank you so much for sharing your story. St V's are the best! Wishing your family all the best in health and happiness for the future. Oxo Sue, Ash, Finn and Abi


Cristina Surace

Every little bit helps Stay Strong


Norman Mandarano

St Vincents Are doing a great job God help us all.


Annmarie Mandarano

God is merciful and will hear our prayer and help everybody in need during this time.


Antoinette Foullas

Stay strong & positive Thankyou to all the Drs and nurses, for your hard work & dedication during such a difficult time God bless


Rita Hanna

Well done for raising money for a great cause.


Elias Hanna

Best Wishes


James Francis

Thank you to all the health care professionals. We are forever grateful and greatly appreciate the skills and the compassionate care you provide to all loved ones. Thinking of your family during this time


Nancy Isgro

Anything for my best friend love her ??


M&m Neill

Sending lots of love to you all. Betty you have been in our prayers and thoughts. Thanks to your wonderful medical team for your amazing recovery. You are an inspiration keep strong!


Amanda Wallace


Brendon A.

COVID is not even close to how strong your family and the others affected by it are. Loads of good wishes for fast and full recovery. May all of you gain strength each and every day.




Jessie Longley

From Jessie and Jamie x


Carla Scarinci

St Vincent’s are truly amazing. May God always watch over all the staff and patients and keep them safe and bring good health.


Thu Anh & Marek Bader


Brenda Provan

Sending all my love


Luke Surace

Thank you to all the people who wake up every morning to save others, stay strong Aunty love from Luke Jenna and Ariella


Allison Fathers

Thank you st Vincent’s ? best wishes to the Mandarano family x


Bernard Mandile


Anna Picinich

Sending all our love. ?


A & A Yow


Josephine Chirumbolo

Anthony so proud of how Strong Mum has been. I am so looking forward to seeing Mum an all of you when this is over. It’s a great song and tribute to mum xxoo


Yolanda Mandarano

Wishing Betty a speedy recovery. All my love Zia Yolanda Mandarano


Bern Delaney


Jennifer Tam

Wishing you and everyone in the family well.



So much love to Betty and your family, From your neighbours, Barb, Vic and Gabi x


Budget Pro Photography + Videography


Tu Anh Tran

Great work Anthony.


Janice Scarinci

God has been listening to our prayers Thanks be to GOD Thank you to all medical staff


Rosa Lo Piccolo



Maria Beninnati

Thank you to all healthcare workers for looking after Betty Mandarano


Kasie Trinh


Paula Watson

Thank you to all the staff at St. Vincent hospital. Sending prayers ????


Lemi Phan


Grace Hoe

"For Betty Mandarano in her vitality for Life and for her Beloved Family, for whom she fought so hard, and Succeeded".



Your stronger then ever


Robert Nash

Good luck with your fundraising!


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Rear, 55 Victoria Parade
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