Keeping nurses connected

23 Dec 2020

We caught up with President of St Vincent’s Nurses Alumni (SVNA), Clare Dyer, to learn about her experience as a St Vincent’s nurse and President of the Alumni.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

I have always been interested in people from all walks of life. I like finding out what makes them different to me. I was fortunate to have school friends with older sisters who were registered nurses. When I asked them what a registered nurse did, they said they felt a feeling of worth and satisfaction when a patient’s health improved and they could return home or to help them die with dignity. I thought ... this is for me!

What is the purpose of the Alumni?

We invite all registered nurses who have initially done hospital-based learning postgraduate studies and have been an employee at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, to join the Alumni. Members receive regular newsletters and communication. We also provide social opportunities where friendships are encouraged and maintained. And we recognise and remember our deceased nurses with prayer.

The Alumni is proud to support specific hospital projects and needs and respond to member’s feedback to provide financial support, with a focus on scholarships.To join, visit 

Why do you love St Vincent’s?

I became part of the St Vincent’s family in 1969. My peers taught me respect, kindness, leadership and loyalty. St Vincent’s maintains these values today. I hear it, in the voices of our nurses who are professional, kind and compassionate. I see it, as heartfelt care is delivered to our often socially vulnerable and isolated patients. I know it, from the responses of respect, love and appreciation that our patients give back to our nurse professionals. Yes ... this is the St Vincent’s that I know and love.

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Photo: A St Vincent’s Nurses Alumni gathering - Clare Dyer - centre 

We hope you enjoy this video which is a special tribute to St Vincent's nurses.


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