Why register for Run Melbourne?

27 Jun 2019

St Vincent’s Foundation Run Melbourne team’s staff ambassador, Kathryn Mckinley, shares why she is entering Run Melbourne.

Kathryn is currently working on a project to improve communication with patients attending Specialist Clinics. I’m usually the Manager of Speech Pathology and will be returning to that role in 6 weeks.

  1. How many times have you participated in Run Melbourne?
    Never – this is the first time!

  2. What inspired you to enter this year?
    A group from Allied Health were entering so I thought I’d be a joiner…

  3. What distance are you running?

  4. How often do you train?
    I run once a week usually. I head to the gym most mornings and play netball once a week.

  5. How do you stay motivated when you’re running?
    Listening to music!

  6. What tips do you have for someone just staring out as a runner?
    Start out with small distances and build up. Get some good music. Use a running app to track how you are going. Take it easy for first 5-10 minutes, that’s the hardest bit – finding your rhythm and getting your breathing right.
  1. What’s your favourite pre-run snack?
    A piece of toast with jam.

  2. What’s your favourite running tune?
    Cheap Thrills by Sia.

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