Donate to support prostate cancer patients

Donate and make an impact today!

We need your help to run Prostate Cancer Support Nights for public and private patients at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Facilitated by St Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Nurses, the nights will be a chance for patients and their families to connect with their peers, helping to ease the mental burden of going through treatment for prostate cancer.

We need to raise $10,000 to establish and run this important program. By helping to establish Prostate Cancer Support Nights you will improve patient’s lives.

Patient Support Nights will:

  • Include a guest speaker for example, a clinician, sexual health nurse, recovering patient or exercise physiologist
  • Cater for the two different cohorts of patients – men how are newly diagnosed and recovering from treatment and the much smaller group of men with terminal cancer
  • Include time for everyone to have a cup of coffee and a chat
  • Provide delicious food - which is very important! 
  • Provide pamper packs for participants.


St Vincent's Foundation
Ground floor
Rear, 55 Victoria Parade
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065