aSMILE approach to online mental health information

19 Aug 2019

St Vincent’s Mental Health – Melbourne (SVMH) has a proud history of providing innovative mental health care and services to the Victorian community.

Since 2006, SVMH has been actively involved in promoting a consumer-driven care approach to mental health. This focus has provided the direction for the creation of a new mental health information website, developed in collaboration with other mental health organisations in Victoria.

The aSMILE website will provide those suffering with mental illness, their families, carers and health professionals, with a holistic and easier way to browse mental illness information and available services based on their individual needs.

The site provides information on:

  • Mental health diagnosis and hospitalisation processes
  • The psychological issues surrounding mental health
  • Social guidance on financial, legal and employment matters
  • Treatment options including discussion of the medications used to treat mental illness
  • Management of general physical health including side effects and metabolic syndrome

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