Donor Stories

by STV Foundation 14 Feb 2018

Michael Reilly kindly donated a treatment chair to provide comfort for other cancer patients at St Vincent’s Hospital.

“My son, Enda, was a patient of St Vincent’s where he received treatment for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma before sadly losing his battle in July last year” said Michael.

While he was treated at St Vincent's in both the outpatient clinic and the oncology ward his father greatly appreciated the care his son received.

During Enda’s treatment Michael saw the need for new equipment and thought it would be a fitting tribute to his son’s generous spirit while helping many others facing a difficult time.

“This donation is a way of giving back while also directly helping cancer patients who are being treated in a similar situation. All the staff including Haematologists, Doctors, Nurses and general carers did their very best for Enda and treated him with the greatest care, respect and dignity. This is something St Vincent’s staff continue to do each and every day” said Michael.

Enda Reilly was a humble young man who loved life. He was an accomplished footballer, keen sports enthusiast and away from sport he had a passion for art.

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