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Travis, Ellie and Sophia's story

A few days after his wedding day to Ellie, Travis fell severely ill. What should have been a whirlwind of excitement and happiness became a whirlwind of tests, medications and treatments.

Travis was admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital and was diagnosed with Leukaemia. On top of that, the severe symptoms of the blood cancer had also led to a stroke.

Unable to speak, paralysed on the right side and battling cancer, Travis survived months of treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital - in the ICU, in the Cancer Centre and in the Rehabilitation Centre.

Travis had to learn how to walk and talk, and even how to eat again. After more than two years of treatment, Travis was discharged.

Travis now intends on hitting the running track at the St Vincent’s Hospital Fun Run with his family and friends by his side. Watch their interview with Channel 10 news.


Tayla's story 

Gippsland nurse Tayla Trembath got the shock of her life on a gloomy day in August last year, when she was told that she had a brain tumour which urgently needed to be removed.

Her local hospital where she works could not perform this procedure, so she was transferred to St Vincent’s and had her operation the very next day.

Fortunately, the surgeons were able to remove the entire brain tumour and Tayla only needs to have yearly MRI checks. ‘The team at St Vincent’s, including my nurses, neuro surgeons, physios, OTs, pastoral care and allied health staff were absolutely amazing,’ Tayla says.

‘They supported me and my family through my most difficult time and made the whole experience as enjoyable as it could be.’

‘I am a nurse myself and my time here at St Vincent’s has made me want to be a better nurse and achieve more in my career’, Tayla says. ‘Already being back at work, I can see I am a better nurse for being a patient here.’

Tayla wanted to give back to the hospital that saved her life and will be taking part in St Vincent’s Hospital Fun Run.


Sarah’s story

When Sarah was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) in 2015 at the age of 27, she was initially told there was nothing doctors could do except to wait until the leukaemia got worse.

Thankfully Associate Professor Constantine Tam, Director of Haematology, was able to assist, placing Sarah on a ‘world-first’ clinical trial pioneered here at St Vincent’s that is showing impressive results for cancer patients.

In November 2016, nearly a year after her diagnosis, Sarah commenced her treatment, with positive results.  Her glands started to shrink within a week of being on the trial and her bone marrow biopsy showed that the cancer, which previously occupied most of Sarah’s marrow, was reduced to less than one per cent.

Sarah is still being treated at St Vincent’s Hospital, as there is a very small percentage of the disease in her bone marrow but she is not letting this get in her way – she is running 6km alongside her husband on 15 April.